Holy Ship! (Shipping Secrets to Save)

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We’ve all shipped a package recently and realized the costs are going up and up. On average the shipping industry increases their retail rates at about 3-4% per year and sometimes more. Though we don’t have control over the increases and we can’t just stop shipping, we can make sure we are shipping smartly. Below you’ll find 6 ways to make sure you are getting the best rate for no matter which carrier you use. Though some of the ideas are carrier dependent it can’t hurt to prepare your shipment so that it can ship at the lowest cost possible no matter which carrier you decide to go with.


Keep the box as small as possible

Keep the box as small as possible without compromising on protecting the contents. Recently in 2015, most of the shipping carriers moved to a dimensional weight pricing system, which means that even if the box is filled with feathers if it’s big enough, they will charge as if it were filled with bowling balls. Ok maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. The larger the box, no matter what the weight, the more it costs. So keep the box as close to the size of the item(s) in the box as possible. However, as we mentioned earlier make sure we are keeping the right amount of space between the side of the box and the item, using filling materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This way the item is protected in case of drops and weight of other packages being stacked on top of yours.


Ship to a business rather than home

Ship to a business rather than home because it costs less to do so! If the receiver of your package is self-employed or works somewhere they are allowed to accept packages, then ship them there rather that to the home. This strategy solves two issues. First, it is cheaper to ship to businesses because the carriers find it more cost efficient since they are pretty confident someone will be there to accept the package. At residential locations sometimes they have to make multiple attempts to deliver packages which increase their delivery costs and, therefore, pass this on to the consumer. The second benefit for this strategy is that your package will be safe. When the carriers deliver to a residence they have the option to leave it at the front door which can be dangerous with all the delivery bandits lurking behind the carrier trucks.


Business signatures already included in price

Delivery to businesses already include signature requirements so don’t select this option if asked as you’ll be paying extra for something that is already included in the lower business delivery price mentioned above.


Use carrier branded envelopes and packs for next and 2nd day items

That’s right, if you use their materials it costs less. So if you need to send something Next Day or Second Day use their letter envelopes, bubble packs, and boxes, to send what you need to and the cost of shipping the item will be lower than if you used the same sized enclosure without branding. However make sure you only use it for the next day and 2nd day services as your package could be delayed if you use their packaging for 3 day or ground services.


Keep weight under just under the next pound

Keep the weight of the shipment just under the next pound mark. This is because the shipments greater than 1 pound are rounded up to the next whole pound. So keep the weight under control. If you have to put the package on a diet by removing something that can be enjoyed later by the receiver.


Sometimes ground shipments arrive the next day

Sometimes ground shipments arrive the next day...so check the delivery dates and times for ground shipments so you don’t pay for a next day service when you don’t need to. Also, on the other hand if you send something 2 or 3 days service by paying more and the ground service was scheduled to be there earlier, the carriers will “hold” the package for delivery on the 2nd or 3rd day as you requested. So do your homework on guaranteed delivery dates and times so you pay for only the service you need.


I hope these items were helpful for you to plan your next shipment. If you have any other questions please take a look at our FAQ page at www.ZipShipit.com/faqs to see if you can find the answer there. If not, then scroll down to the bottom and submit a question yourself.

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