Etsy Bitsy Seller…Ship Using UPS

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Etsy sellers you’ve been asking for a way to ship using UPS and now you have it. All the forums and blogs mention sellers wanting to use UPS as a shipping option, but till now you had to take the merchandise to The UPS Store or have your own account with UPS, both of which get a little expensive. Ok very expensive since you get little to no discounts.


However now with ZipShipit, you get to print your label from home and save up to 40% off your retail UPS rates at the same time. How easy is that?! It’s as easy as 1-2-3

We hope that this relationship with Etsy makes Etsy sellers happy and gives them the choices they have been looking for forever. Also, sellers, if there is anything we can improve on to help you do your business easier and more efficiently using #ZipShipt please let us know. We will put your request on our todo list and figure out a way to make your life easier.


Also as an incentive to try out @ZipShipit please use the code: Etsy5

Also, help spread the word among #Etsy sellers in the forums and social media. Etsy Forums



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